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Testing tech to counter Pakistani drones used to smuggle drugs, weapons: Shah | Latest News India

Union home minister Amit Shah has said that technological solutions were being tested for countering the menace of drones used to smuggle drugs and weapons from Pakistan.

Union home minister Amit Shah. (PTI)
Union home minister Amit Shah. (PTI)

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Shah said there is no doubt that drones are being used for smuggling. “We have used four types of anti-drone technologies in Punjab and Jammu border areas. This is being done on an experimental basis. Six months and three meetings later, we are still studying the changes that need to be made.”

Shah said agencies do not have a 100% specific solution to counter the menace, but he was hopeful that a system would be in place soon. “We are continuously fighting. On the ground level, we have increased our intelligence gathering. We are catching those receiving the illegal cache and have felled many drones. In the past three months alone, the percentage of drones that were felled went up by 422%. This is a big achievement.”

Drones have been used to smuggle drugs and weapons since 2019 with security forces shooting down 22 unmanned aerial vehicles that entered the Indian territory from Pakistan last year.

Weapons brought into India via drones were used in the April 20 attack on an army truck in Jammu & Kashmir’s Mendhar, which left five army soldiers dead.

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