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‘Treat our crew…’: IndiGo CEO makes appeal after controversial video | Latest News India

Amid (still-simmering) furore over the mid-air argument last month between a flight attendant and passenger, IndiGo CEO Pieter Elbers on Thursday told news agency ANI ‘… if people are not behaving we (must be) able to take adequate measures’. “Our crew is trained… we help and support them to the maximum… but it is a two-way street,” he said. “We will work with the authorities to make sure we get the proper procedures (in place).. have always put emphasis on that in training our crews… want to provide courteous and hassle-free service.”

“….(but) treat our crew in the way you want to be treated. That would be my message,” the IndiGo boss added.

Elbers’ comments come not only after the December video showing staff on an Istanbul-Delhi flight arguing with a passenger over food choices.

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In the video an IndiGo cabin crew member says to the passenger: “You are pointing (your) finger… yelling at me. My crew is crying because of you. Please try to understand, there is a cart and counted meals are uplifted (on the plane). We can only serve what your boarding (pass shows)…,” she can be heard saying.

Towards the end of the video the (male) passenger tells the flight attendant to ‘shut up’, to which she fires back ‘you shut up’.

The confrontation went viral on social media and led to widespread support for airline cabin crew members, as well as a measure of criticism.

IndiGo said the crew lead had to intervene as the passenger in question had shown ‘bad behaviour’ and ‘insulted’ one of the airline’s flight attendants.

IndiGo also found itself in hot water after a video seemed to show one of its staff ‘throwing’ a musical instrument belonging to Sufi singer Bismil.

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Days after the fight between the IndiGo crew and passenger, a similar clash was reported from a Thai Airways Bangkok-Kolkata flight.

Two male passengers – their nationalities are unclear – got into a heated argument that turned into a fight while a flight attendant looks on helplessly.

The incident prompted concerns about mid-air safety.

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And, this week, it emerged that a passenger in the business class section of an Air India New York-Delhi flight was drunk and urinated on a woman co-passenger. The man has been identified as Shankar Mishra, a vice president for Wells Fargo, a US-based corporation.

Air India has come under fire amid reports the crew did not offer help.

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A Director General of Civil Aviation official said the regulator had not been notified, and that a report had been sought citing ‘failures at multiple levels’.

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