Home india-news Kanjhawala death case: 10 police vehicles couldn’t track killer car | Top points | Latest News India

Kanjhawala death case: 10 police vehicles couldn’t track killer car | Top points | Latest News India

Kanjhawala death case: 10 police vehicles couldn’t track killer car | Top points | Latest News India


On the fateful night of the Kanjhawala horror when 20-year-old Anjali was dragged to her death by a moving Baleno, at least 10 vehicles including PCR vans and night patrolling units were pressed to duty to track the grey Baleno but the car could not be tracked due to dense fog, news agency PTI reported citing police sources. The car dragged Anjali for 12 kilometres from Sultanpuri to Kanjhawala but took narrow lanes instead of the main road to dodge police, the report said. As the investigation is on, several contradictory claims have been made by people questioned by the cops. Read | ‘Don’t support her (Nidhi) claims’, says Nirbhaya’s mother on Sultanpuri horror

Here are the top developments in the Kanjhawala death case

‘Anjali never drank alcohol,’ claims family

Nidhi, the prime witness in the case as she was present with Anjali when the accident took place, claimed Anjali was in an inebriated state on the night and forced to drive the scooter. Anjali’s family refuted the claim and said they never heard of any Nidhi from Anjali. Anjali’s mother Reha Devi told reporters that Anjali never consumed alcohol and never came home drunk.

Sultanpuri horror: Forensic tests show blood on wheels, not inside car

‘Nidhi and Anjali knew each other for 15 days’

Nidhi has now told the police that this was the first time they went out together on the night of 31st. Nidhi said she had known Anjali only for 15 days. It has been found so far that Anjali and Nidhi went to a hotel to attend a party. A room was booked in the names of Anjali and Nidhi and their Aadhaar cards were given to the hotel authorities for booking the hotel. They were seen talking to seven men at the hotel party who have been interrogated by the police.

Anjali’s family doctor on Wednesday said Nidhi lied that Anjali was drunk and no trace of alcohol was found in her stomach in the autopsy report.

Delhi horror: CCTV footage shows Anjali’s friend Nidhi entering home at 2.30am

‘Why Nidhi came out after last rites,’ asks Anjali’s family

While Nidhi’s irresponsibility is on the radar as she did not inform the police and left Anjali to be dragged by the car and returned home soon after the accident, Anjali’s family has raised a question as to why she came out just after Anjali’s last rites were performed. “If she was scared then, why isn’t she scared now? This was Nihi’s conspiracy,” Anjali’s maternal uncle said.

The latest CCTV footage from outside Nidhi’s residence showed Nidhi returned home at around 2.30am — soon after the accident.

Anjali had 40 injuries, was stuck to the front left wheel; ‘brain matter’ missing

As Anjali was dragged for about 12 kilometres from Sultanpuri to Kanjhawala, she sustained 40 injuries over her body and had multiple contusions, abrasions and lacerations. Her brain matter was missing. According to the forensic report, Anjali was stuck on the left front wheel with her head towards the boot of the car.

Multiple police teams were alerted but car could not be traced

Three PCR vans from Kanjhawala, Hoshambi border and Aman Vihar were among the 10 vehicles that were out on the night to trace the car after several calls were received in the police control room.

One police van spotted the sooty in the accidental condition and as no one was there it was assumed that they must have gone to the hospital. The Baleno car was found more than 12 hours later — on Sunday afternoon.

(With inputs from Bureau and agencies)


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