Home india-news Kanjhawala horror: ‘Friend who left Anjali dying on road should be…’ | 10 points | Latest News India

Kanjhawala horror: ‘Friend who left Anjali dying on road should be…’ | 10 points | Latest News India

Kanjhawala horror: ‘Friend who left Anjali dying on road should be…’ | 10 points | Latest News India


Delhi Police on Tuesday recorded the statement of Nidhi who was with Anjali when the horrific accident took place on New Year’s night in which the 20-year-old woman died after being entangled in a Baleno which drove from Sultanpuri to Kanjhawala. As Nidhi appeared on television interviews as well, Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal demanded a probe against her since she left her ‘friend’ dying on the road and made claims like Anjali was drunk that night –amounting to ‘character assassination’. “Today, when the police caught Anjali’s “friend”, she appeared on TV talking nonsense about Anjali. The girl who saw her friend dying on the road instead of helping him went home and slept, how can she be believed? Anjali’s ‘character assassination’ has started, the public is sensible,” Swati Maliwal said. Read: Sultanpuri accident: We want justice for Anjali, says one suspect’s family

Here are the latest developments of Sultanpuri horror:

1. Nidhi claimed Anjali was drunk but insisted on driving the scooter. She asserted that it was the issue they were fighting about in the hotel, as revealed in the CCTV footage.

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2. The hotel manager told police that Nidhi and Anjali were fighting before leaving the hotel at around 1.30 am. “Both of them were arguing. When I told them not to fight, they went downstairs and started fighting, after which both of them went on a scooter,” the manager said.

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3. In the hotel, Nidhi and Anjali talked to some boys who have been detained for questioning. The hotel authorities informed the police that those boys had a separate room booked. In her statement, Nidhi said they went to the hotel to meet some friends.

4. Two days after the horrific accident, it was found out on Tuesday that Anjali was not alone when the car dragged her to death. Nidhi who was with her at that time said she was scared and ran home.

5. The five men who were driving the killer Baleno car on New Year’s night claimed they did not understand that the driver of the scooter they hit got trapped under the vehicle. Nidhi, however, claimed Anjali was yelling but the car did not stop and they deliberately killed her. Nidhi dismissed that there was loud music playing in the car.

6. Nidhi told police that Anjali was drunk and was threatening to jump off the scooter if Nidhi did not allow her to drive it.

7. The friend informed police that after she gave the scooter to Anjali to ride, they were about to collide with a truck but she applied the brake from behind. And then the car hit the scooter.

8. The five men who hit Nidhi’s scooter were on their way from Murthal where they went to mark the New Year. They were drunk at the time of the accident.

9. Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal protested the character assassination of the deceased by her friend and the hotel manager. “If the girls were fighting after being intoxicated then the police would have been called, why did they get kicked out of the hotel late at night? What is the proof of intoxication? STOP VICTIM SHAMING!” Swati Maliwal tweeted.

10. The mortal remains of Anjali were cremated on Tuesday amid tight security. The autopsy report ruled out sexual assault.


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