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Art is beyond any religion or caste, says Vijayan | Latest News India

Art is beyond any religion or caste, says Vijayan | Latest News India


Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Tuesday inaugurated the five-day state school arts festival, considered to be one of the biggest congregations of performing arts in the country, in Kozhikode.

During the event, Vijayan said art is beyond any religion or caste and everyone should enjoy it without any discrimination or differences.

In his speech at the event, the chief minister said the festival should be a stage for enjoying and encouraging the diverse art forms in the state and the country, irrespective of their religious or caste background.In the art jamboree 14,000 students will participate in 239 competitions which will be held in 24 venues across the city.

“This festival is a stage for participants to show their talents and entertain each other and those present in the audience, irrespective of their religion or caste. Art is beyond any religion or caste.

“Therefore, that is how the festival should be enjoyed and seen by everyone in order to ensure unity in the state. Then only, we can ensure that Kerala continues to be a centre of peace, happiness and secularism,” he said.To the over 14,000 participants, the CM said everyone cannot win and therefore the focus should be on participating in the event. “Participation in itself is a major achievement and this mindset should be inculcated in the students and parents too should adopt it,” he added.

Vijayan also said that the government was duty-bound to ensure social security of children and a major step in that direction was the massive statewide anti-drug campaign launched by his administration.

The CM said that the festival — which began in 1957 and is considered as Asia’s biggest school arts festival — could not be held in the last two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic which played spoilsport for many such cultural gatherings.

He also reminded everyone that in many countries there was a surge in Covid-19 infections due to a new variant of the virus which was highly contagious.“In such a situation, we may not be able to prevent the infection from reaching here. Therefore, precautions should be continued,” he said.


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